The results of the conference on public-private partnership and long-term financial planning

Conferences devoted to the development of public-private partnership and long-term financial planning with the participation of the representatives of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation were held in Kaliningrad.

The conferences were held in the framework of the joint Russian-Polish project «Good governance and cooperation – response to common challenges in public finance».
The primary objective of this project is to improve the system of public finance management and to improve the efficiency of the regional budget expenditures.

The conferences which were held on the 17th and 18th of December were attended by the heads and specialists of the Ministry of Finance of the Kaliningrad region, representatives of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, financial officers of municipalities as well as financiers from Saint- Petersburg, the Leningrad and Orenburg regions.

The theme of the first conference was the implementation of public-private partnership (PPP) and the involvement of the private business in solving of the social problems, and opening the conference the Minister of Finance of the Kaliningrad region, Viktor Porembsky said that PPP is one of 12 areas of the project, which are a part of the system aimed to improve the effectiveness of budget expenditures. Thus, the project includes a number of tasks: the development of the independent public expertise of normative legal acts in the field of financial management, the improvement of the public procurement system, the development of the IT tools, the modern equipment and software, the training of state and municipal employees, the improvement of public and municipal services provision, the capital investment planning. As it was reported by the Minister of Finance, a great deal of work had been done in the past year in all directions.

About 800 people have been involved in the training activities. 18 analysis studies on financial planning system have been prepared, 11 guidelines have been elaborated, 20 training events have been held, including workshops, conferences and tenders, as well as five study tours to Poland. More than a hundred of public sector employees have topped up their qualifications, 58 units of computer equipment have been obtained, – said the Minister.

The chairman of the board of directors of the TRANSPROEKT Group (Moscow), V. Maximov was the first speaker of the conference; he described the way public-private partnership projects were being subjected to the law. He elaborated on the existing federal and regional regulatory frameworks and the areas of law, regulating PPP in the Russian Federation, talked about the experience of the Moscow and Kaluga regions in tendering for the implementation of PPP projects and also about the main components of preparation of public-private partnership projects.

The audience has fully realized the success of the implementation of the pilot projects on the territory of our country due to the speech of the General Director of «LabTek Ltd» LLC Andrey Dukhin. Dukhin shared the experience of PPP projects implementation in the field of health sector. In particular, he talked about the project of the establishment of the highly efficient laboratory based on the Pskov regional hospital.

The head of «Business-expert» LLC Inna Tyusenkova and the chairman of the Regional Union of waste processors of the Kaliningrad region Svyatoslav Lavrinenko presented pre-investment studies for PPP projects in the Kaliningrad region. The first project is the construction and subsequent operation of the 80 megawatt gas boiler house «Zapadnaya» in Sovetsk. The second one is the construction and subsequent operation of waste sorting plant in the area of the Golubevo village, Guryev district.

The second conference was held on the 18th of December and was devoted to the long-term financial planning and the use of the program-target method.

The conference participants appreciated the relevance of the report made by Alexei Birukov – the Deputy Director of the long-term strategic planning department of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. His speech was devoted to the long-term budget planning conditions with the account of financial and macroeconomic risks. The guest from the Ministry of Finance was asked a lot of questions concerning the planning under today’s difficult economic conditions.

The next block of the conference was represented with the report of Alexey Danilov, the Head of the Department of the budgetary policy and inter-budget relations of the Ministry of Finance of the Kaliningrad region. He spoke about the progress of the «E-budget» project implementation in the region. The Ministry of Finance takes measures to the implementation of the integrated information system of the public finance management «E-Budget», which should be developed in all regions of the country in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, adopted in 2011. The main task of the system is to generate the kind of conditions to allow the public-law entities, state and local authorities to ensure the effective financial management, to make the process more transparent and open. The «E-budget» covers all components of the budgeting process: maintenance of registers, budget planning, accounting and reporting, fiscal control, revenue management, expenditure management, debt management, procurement management, financial and non-financial assets management, cash management, human resources management. The «E-budget» also includes a single research and information portal of the budgetary system which provides the necessary information about the budget of the Kaliningrad region to all citizens interested in it in real-time mode.

The topic was continued by the Director of the FSEI Technopark «Kaliningrad State Technical University» Alexander Merkulov, who spoke about this new tool of regional and municipal finances management which is the situation centre.

The speech of the General Director of «Business Expert» Inna Tyusenkova was dedicated to the mechanisms of programme monitoring implemented at the regional and municipal levels and closed the conference.

It is to be recalled that the project «Good governance and cooperation – response to common challenges in public finance» was developed in 2012 under the Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 and is financed by the grant funds and proprietary funds of the participants of the project. The total project budget is approximately 1.3 million Euros.