The Ministry of Finance invites to participate in a contest

The winning organization will be required to create the E-library on public finance. The draft of the Government of the Kaliningrad region is available for examination to non-commercial organizations.

The creation of the E-library on public finance includes the creation of the E-library, the selection of the relevant normative and legal acts in the field of regional and municipal financial management.

The materials will be presented in Russian and Polish languages.

The electronic library will provide a systemized electronic array of literature; will not to contain any promotional materials.

The creation of the E-library is performed in the framework of the project «Good governance and cooperation-response to common challenges in public finance»

For reference:
The total cost of the project amounts to 1.276.734,27 euros. On the territory of the Kaliningrad region the cost of the implemented activities amounts to 889.633 euro (88,963 Euros of this amount will be financed by the Ministry of Finance of the Kaliningrad region in the framework of the purpose-oriented Programme «Improvement of the efficiency of budget expenditures in the Kaliningrad region 2012-2015» of the state Programme «Effective Finance»).